Hi Guys,

There has been a lot of messages asking us when the Live The Adventure merch will be available to buy online again. You guys support us so much we wanted to bring this first batch back for you ONE LAST TIME!

It's important for us to recognise our social responsibility so we'll be donating 5% of all merch profits to KIVA, which is a non-profit organisation that focuses on empowering the underserved through microloans. 

We're super excited to share this final batch of the "Phase One" merch with you all. Here are a few bits and pieces that you might enjoy over the winter or summer, depending on where in the world you are.

This range includes a few new items alongside a selection of prints and laptop cases, however, many of the classic clothing designs WON'T BE COMING BACK as we plan on releasing a whole new range of products very soon. In the meantime our "Phase One" merch will be selling like hotcakes so make sure you grab it whilst you can! 

Whatever you decide to do in your LTA gear we want to remind you of our ethos which is peace out, enjoy life and live the adventure! 

LTA Fam. 

P.S. Watch this space for what comes next...